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Management Consulting

Management Consulting in Wheeling, West Virginia

This is a difficult market we live in. No company can survive without a keen understanding of the complex accounting laws we live in. It is important to seek expert assistance to gain an advantage over competitors and to improve workflow efficiency to increase the bottom line. Below are some of the management consulting services we offer: 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Managing Projects

  • Assessing Organizational Performance

  • Redesigning Processes and Workflows

How We Help Our Clients

A nonprofit organization in a serious financial crisis was concerned it would be forced to close their operation. Seachrist & Associates, A.C. analyzed their situation and discovered the organization had unpaid payroll taxes, unfiled annual information returns for two years, undisclosed transfers in the cash reserve account, and the required report forms had not been filed with the state funding agency. The Board of Directors engaged our firm to make recommendations and monitor the implementation of strategies to solve these issues. The executive director was dismissed and past due payroll taxes were paid. The information returns were filed and we were successful in abating penalties and interest of $10,000. We negotiated the elimination of a large grant payback to the state funding agency. Currently, the organization is operating in compliance and is increasing their cash reserve position. 

A nonprofit organization's complete financial function was lost in a thirty (30) day time span due to the departure of both the Treasurer and Controller. This left the organization without proper documentation of a financial system that is very difficult to learn and operate. All of this occurred within a month of the end of their fiscal year end and the organization was two (2) months behind in closing their books. Seachrist & Associates, A.C. was engaged to help reengineer the finance department. With an extraordinary effort and personal sacrifice Seachrist & Associates, A.C. personnel worked evenings and weekends to accomplish their assignment. As a result of our efforts we were able to minimize the damage to the ongoing operations of the organization, assisted in developing documentation of the accounting procedures, helped train a new CFO and Controller, and completed the year end audit within the same time schedule as previous years. Our assistance helped reduce the amount of time the CEO had to spend on this problem and allowed him to concentrate on operational issues.

Management Consulting in Wheeling, West Virginia
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